Safety essentials to keep driver’s safe!

Safety essentials to keep driver’s safe! 

Speed, design and functionality come second whenever coming up with a plan for a vehicle in Formula Green. The first consideration would always be the safety of the driver. For a vehicle to pass in the competition, the driver’s safety should be ensured with no room for lapses. 

To protect the drivers in our competition, allow us to share with you the necessary gears needed by the designated racers in our competition. Take note that your team is only allowed to compete if you have the following gears: 

Safety barriers 

The safety barrier isn’t necessarily a gear and acts more as a part of the vehicle than the actual driver. This barrier is often made from steel tubings covered in foam energy reduction barriers to keep the driver safe from harm. These soft walls act as the shield of the driver in case of a collision. Moreover, it supports the form of the vehicle so it wouldn’t crush the driver inside. 

Just how effective safety barriers are? Click here to find out how these 5 tips can help you choose the right safety barriers for your needs.

Fire suits 

Racing suits aren’t just for aesthetics and looking cool. It actually serves a purpose and that is to protect the driver in case of fire or explosion. Every participating driver in the competition was required to wear fire-retardant suits, shoes and even undergarments to prevent any tragic accidents in the course of the competition.

We also recommend wearing hat shields to protect your head against collisions in the racing track.

If you are interested more in purchasing fire-retardant suits, here are some benefits of owning one.

HANS device 

The head and neck support device or HANS are known as the head restraints. It acts as a protective barrier for the head. Moreover, it secures the helmet to the head of the driver instead of just the seat. What this does is that it keeps the driver’s head from whipping around and breaking in a car crash. All drivers in the competition should have this gear. Check out our top picks of the Best Betting Exchange Sites this 2022!



The car seats, much like the driver’s suit, aren’t just for looking cool on the tracks. It is built specifically with cross seatbelts to thoroughly protect the body when a collision occurs. We recommend seats that are made from carbon fibre instead of aluminium since this material is found to absorb the shock of an impact better than the regular metal protection seats. Want to experience comfortable driving? Check out this list by Smart Motorist.

The seats should also be designed to wrap around the ribcage of the driver to give support to the body during a crash. 

Window nets 

The window nets are an amazing addition to cars to prevent the driver from catching debris. Moreover, it prevents the driver from flying out the window in case of a crash, which is most often the cause of injuries and deaths in the tracks. Once the driver’s safety is ensured, the driver will lower the windows to signify that they are safe from the crash.


General information about the competition

Formula Green: General information about the competition 

Formula Green is one of the most awaited competitions in the field of engineering. Every year, we hold an event where students from different universities can show their talents with their teams and form the next generation of vehicles that run on renewable energy.

The goal of our competition is to bring light to the talent that our future engineers have and attract opportunities to these young, bright minds. Moreover, we want to give everyone a chance to create change in the world. The world is facing a hard time right now with the condition of the environment steadily declining over the years. 

If you are looking forward to joining this wonderful competition held by the India Society of New Era Engineers (ISNEE), we welcome you to register your team now and show the world what you are capable of in your field! Take a look at the general information below to know more about the competition: 

What you need to know about Formula Green

  1. Competition dates and place 

The competition date and place would be held on the 1st to 5th of February. Take note that these are all tentative dates and further changes might be made according to the decision of the Formula Green committee. We have decided to hold the Formula Green competition in Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore.

  1. Vehicle shipping 

For vehicles that need to be shipped to the venue, we recommend the teams consult their shipping companies early on so they can reach the venue in time for the competition and static testing on February 1st. Further details would be sent out to the qualifiers at least two months before the competition to give you enough time to prepare. 

  1. Confiscated goods, lost and found

For items that are lost in the venue or confiscated by the committee, you can redeem the item by February 5th, 6pm. 

  1. Team briefing 

A team briefing would be held on February 2 to inform the teams about what they need to settle before the competition along with some ground rules. For each team that would be attending the briefing, you need to provide all the ESO before the meeting starts. 

A technical inspection briefing would also be held a few hours before the competition. We advise every team captain and inspection responsible persons to attend. Every team member that would attend the briefing would receive a wristband to signify that they are present in the meetings. 

  1. Team registration 

The team registration will begin on July 10th and would follow a first come first serve basis for both the EV and CV categories. Please check with the guidebook to see what are the qualifications for registration. 

  1. Registration slot 

There are limited slots in the competition so we advise each team to register as soon as possible. We only have 30 slots for CV and 20 slots for EV teams. There is no reservation quota so please be informed that you are not allowed to reserve through a Formula Green personnel that you know. 

  1. Participation fee 

The participation fee for the competition would be INR 35,000 plus the 18% GST. This fee can be paid in two installments to any of Formula Green’s partner banks. The first installment should be 25,000 and the second should be 10,000. All of the payments should be settled in the given timeline for the competition. Failure to comply would result in disqualification. 

  1. Waiting list and withdrawals

The teams who didn’t make it into the registration still have a chance to join the competition by enlisting on the waitlist. Please be advised that the waitlist would only move forward if there are initial registrants that back out or were disqualified from the competition due to failure to comply with the rules of Formula Green. 

Once a slot becomes available, the next team on the waitlist would move forward to the competition and would be given 72 hours to pay the required fee. Moreover, the teams on the waiting list are all required to submit their documents and forms on the same day as the participating teams on the list. 

The teams on the waiting list that ar4e qualified to attend, but found that they no longer want to participate are required to officially withdraw from the competition by submitting the necessary forms to the committee.

  1. Deadlines 

We advise all of the qualifiers to submit their documents and information through Google Drive and the website of Formula Green. These documents should be sent by the team captains at the required dates. 

  1. Entering the competition site 

An entrance pass would be given to every participant of the competition. This pass would be sent to the ISNEE account of the teams through the store box. You are required to present this pass to the concerned authority by the entrance of the competition grounds. Please note that the competition site will be closed by 5pm. For this reason, we advise every team to be early on the venue in case of any mishaps. 

The teams would each be given 45 minutes to enter the competition site only once with their team truck. The only purpose for this is to help the teams unload their vehicle and equipment. Once this is fulfilled, the team truck should be moved to the designated parking area outside of the venue. 

  1. Welding 

It is possible for teams to weld their vehicles but only outside of opening hours while using appropriate gears. 

  1. Engine testing area 

An engine testing area would be provided by Formula Green. All of the teams are allowed to run and test their engines in this area of the competition grounds while being watched by an official. However, you can only test during the opening times and after passing the tilt test by the inspector. 

  1. Event control 

Each of the teams would receive a package that contains programs, shirts and other competition goods during the event control section. Each of the teams are allowed to bring extra people to help out with carrying the equipment.  

  1. Driver registration 

The drivers for the competition should register personally for the event. Each driver should provide a copy of their driver’s license and student ID to the competition official. 

  1. Technical inspections 

The technical inspection section of the game will be held on February 2nd. All of the electrical and mechanical inspections of the vehicles would be held in the designated p[it for the teams. Formula green officials will send a message to the team captains to move to the technical inspection gates to test the vehicle’s safety.

  1. Re-inspection 

The reinspection process is set to ensure that no detail was missed in the competition. The mechanical, electrical and accumulator inspection will take place briefly so the teams can prepare for the race to come. If further details were found in the vehicle, the teams would be given time to make amends and correct any mishaps in the vehicle design.

  1. Static events 

The static event is the primary part of the competition. This is where we inspect the cost and manufacturing of each vehicle. The team with the best and most cost effective design would receive the highest point. There can only be 10 members in the team and the finalists of the competition would be informed at least two hours prior to the competition. 

The teams are only given 15 minutes to discuss the answer to two questions in the competition regarding their manufacturing and cost. The teams would also have 15 minutes to defend the cost and process of producing their vehicle to the judges. 

Based on the discussion offered by the team, the judges will decide who would be qualified to proceed with the next step of the competition. 

  1. Engineering design event 

The only vehicles and team qualified for this round are those that have already passed the accumulator inspection. The accumulator containers on the vehicles must not be opened. 

As for the EV competitors, only the electrically shortened spare accumulators can be presented in the engineering design event of the competition. 

  1. Team member information 

The maximum number of members allowed in the team should be under 60 wherein the first 40 members can be registered without additional charges while the first 20 would enter with a fee. 

  1. Cranking the engines in the pits 

Formula Green would allow the qualifiers to crank their engines in the pits only if it is under the supervision of a competition official. Take a look at the following conditions that would apply to engine cranking below: 

  1. Vehicle should pass the technical inspection 
  2. If the driven axles was jacked using the quick jack
  3. Gearbox should be in neutral 
  4. All of the driven wheel in the vehicle should be removed
  5. Connectors to all injectors and ignition coils must be detached from the vehicle 
  6. A fire extinguisher must be within reach.