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“Indian Society of New Era Engineers”, an associate member of The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India and Affiliate Sanctioning Body of SFI Foundation Inc, USA is an organization for students focusing on their technical and managerial development. It challenges the undergraduate and diploma engineers to research and develop innovative projects, inspires them to imagine, as imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world. Events organized by ISNEE gives students a chance to form teams and to work for a common goal with a team spirit and to showcase and prove both their creativity and their engineering skills in comparison to the teams from other Universities/Colleges across the country. Future of a country is highly dependent on the students, so nurturing them is need of the hour. Theoretical knowledge very much differs with practical orientation. Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the right stuff to turn our dreams into reality.

We make a bridge, which connects the imagination of students to real engineering. Teams working on a project, learn to research, develop and manage various things not only related to project but also various real life experiences which transforms a student in to a professional, confident enough to knock the doors of industry, that ensures the future of country is bestowed upon the shoulders of young professionals and that is what our aim is.


Formula Green – Discovering The Future, is a Design Challenge initiated by Indian Society of New Era Engineers to enhance the student’s approach in engineering and diploma pursuing students. The team at ISNEE felt that this design challenge is the need of the hour considering the present climatic conditions of the world where our eco system is perishing very brisk fully. The main intention of this competition is to design and fabricate a formula vehicle which runs on electric power bound to some specific rules and regulations.

This design challenge has no qualification round. Teams can start manufacturing their vehicle soon after getting themselves registered for the event. Further, there are a number of tests performed on the vehicle and each vehicle has to pass through all the different stages to advance in the design challenge. Participating teams should be creative and brisk with the work performed on the vehicles as the manufacturing process will be bound to a certain set of rules and regulations that should be strictly followed. A successful run throughout the competition will give the participating candidates an extra edge over all other students from various colleges and universities.

The vehicle and associated documentation must be researched, designed and fabricated by the team members without direct/indirect involvement of professional engineers, faculty or professionals in racing. Proof of manufacturing the vehicles could be asked anytime during the course of the event. Vehicles designed and fabricated using professional help may be penalized or even disqualified from the event. The decision of the organizing committee in this regard will be final.

Formula Green: Homepage

Welcome to Formula Green! We are a company set up to challenge the future engineers of the Indian Society of New Era Engineers to initiate designs that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. In essence, we support the ideas of students and fund their brilliant inventions to create a better world in the field of technology. 

We challenge the future engineers of our nation to create different inventions that would give answers to the climatic conditions we are facing today. We only have little to no time to make a difference in the world now. For this reason, we need to start and initiate change before it is too late for us to do anything about the continuous downfall of the environment we all share. 

The main objective of our organization is to design and build formula vehicles that can run on electric power to reduce the carbon emission in the atmosphere. We have a couple of test runs in our company to ensure that we achieve our goal of environmentally harmless power generation for vehicles.

About our competition  

Right here at Formula green, we encourage every student to try their best to come up with the best inventions that can help support the environment. For this reason, we eliminate the need for qualification rounds since we want to give everyone equal chances. We think that we shouldn’t take the chance from students to create better machinations just because they have a momentary lapse in a few rounds. Although, we do give points to students [er round of the competition.

The teams usually start their operation after the registration. There are studies and testing required before a full presentation of the projects. Of course, the vehicles that can manage to pass through all of the stages in the test runs would be qualified to proceed to our design challenge. 

All of the participating teams in our competition would have to work hard in creating the best machinations within a limited time. For this reason, each team should work briskly and creatively to come up with the best vehicles for the competition.

To keep an even ground in the competition, we bound the manufacturing process to a set of rules and regulations that each of the teams should strictly adhere to. Otherwise, it would be a call for a disqualification. The teams who can manage to have a successful run throughout the competition would have an edge against other participants since most of the rounds would be assigned with a point system. 

Each round in our competition could take up to a few months to give students the time to research, fabricate and design their documentations for the project. The students can join the project even without the direct or indirect involvement of professionals, engineers and professors. Students who use connections from professionals would be penalized from the competition. We only permit students to get consultations from professionals under our jurisdiction to ensure that every project would be safe.