Safety essentials to keep driver’s safe!

Safety essentials to keep driver’s safe! 

Speed, design and functionality come second whenever coming up with a plan for a vehicle in Formula Green. The first consideration would always be the safety of the driver. For a vehicle to pass in the competition, the driver’s safety should be ensured with no room for lapses. 

To protect the drivers in our competition, allow us to share with you the necessary gears needed by the designated racers in our competition. Take note that your team is only allowed to compete if you have the following gears: 

Safety barriers 

The safety barrier isn’t necessarily a gear and acts more as a part of the vehicle than the actual driver. This barrier is often made from steel tubings covered in foam energy reduction barriers to keep the driver safe from harm. These soft walls act as the shield of the driver in case of a collision. Moreover, it supports the form of the vehicle so it wouldn’t crush the driver inside. 

Just how effective safety barriers are? Click here to find out how these 5 tips can help you choose the right safety barriers for your needs.

Fire suits 

Racing suits aren’t just for aesthetics and looking cool. It actually serves a purpose and that is to protect the driver in case of fire or explosion. Every participating driver in the competition was required to wear fire-retardant suits, shoes and even undergarments to prevent any tragic accidents in the course of the competition.

We also recommend wearing hat shields to protect your head against collisions in the racing track.

If you are interested more in purchasing fire-retardant suits, here are some benefits of owning one.

HANS device 

The head and neck support device or HANS are known as the head restraints. It acts as a protective barrier for the head. Moreover, it secures the helmet to the head of the driver instead of just the seat. What this does is that it keeps the driver’s head from whipping around and breaking in a car crash. All drivers in the competition should have this gear. Check out our top picks of the Best Betting Exchange Sites this 2022!



The car seats, much like the driver’s suit, aren’t just for looking cool on the tracks. It is built specifically with cross seatbelts to thoroughly protect the body when a collision occurs. We recommend seats that are made from carbon fibre instead of aluminium since this material is found to absorb the shock of an impact better than the regular metal protection seats. Want to experience comfortable driving? Check out this list by Smart Motorist.

The seats should also be designed to wrap around the ribcage of the driver to give support to the body during a crash. 

Window nets 

The window nets are an amazing addition to cars to prevent the driver from catching debris. Moreover, it prevents the driver from flying out the window in case of a crash, which is most often the cause of injuries and deaths in the tracks. Once the driver’s safety is ensured, the driver will lower the windows to signify that they are safe from the crash.