Event Timeline

1RulebookJune 30, 2019www.formulagreen.inEVCV
2Online RegistrationJuly 10, 2019Online FormEVCV
3Registration FeeAug 10, 2019PayuMoney/Bhim App/NEFT/IMPS/DD/ChequeEVCV
41st Installment of Participation FeeSep 2, 2019PayuMoney/Bhim App/NEFT/IMPS/DD/ChequeEVCV
52nd Installment of Participation FeeOct 5, 2019PayuMoney/Bhim App/NEFT/IMPS/DD/ChequeEVCV
6Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) OptionalOct 10, 2019Online—CV
7Impact Attenuator Data (IAD)Oct 25, 2019OnlineEVCV
8Structural Equivalency Spreadsheet (SES)Oct 25, 2019OnlineEVCV
9Electrical System Form (ESF)Oct 25, 2019OnlineEV—
10Business Plan Executive Summary (BPES)Nov 10, 2019OnlineEVCV
11Design Spec Sheet (DSS)Dec 1, 2019OnlineEVCV
12Engineering Design Report (EDR)Dec 1, 2019OnlineEVCV
13Electrical System Officer/Electrical System AdvisorDec 15, 2019OnlineEV—
14Vehicle Status Video (VSV)Dec 20, 2019OnlineEVCV
15Team Member InformationDec 25, 2019OnlineEVCV
16Cost Report Documents (CRD)Jan 2, 2020OnlineEVCV
17Final RoundFeb 1-5, 2020OnlineEVCV
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